[mpich-discuss] How to make a non-MPI process to become a MPI process of MPI_COMM_WORLD?

haozi yidanyiji at 163.com
Thu Jan 22 09:41:21 CST 2015

Hi, guys.

This web page (http://wiki.mpich.org/mpich/index.php/PMI_v2_Design_Thoughts) says:
              Singleton init. This is the process by which a program that was not started with mpiexec can become an MPI process and make use of all MPI features, including MPI_Comm_spawn, needs to be designed and documented, with particular attention to the disposition of standard I/O. Not all process managers will want to or even be able to create a new mpiexec process, so this needs to be negotiated. Similarly, the dispostion of stdio needs to be negotiated between the singleton process and the process manager. To address these issues, a new singleton init protocol has been implemented and tested with the gforker process manager.

I am very interested in this function.
Can this function solve the following question:
              At beginning, the MPI job uses the mpiexec commond to start three MPI processes. That is to say, there are three MPI processes in MPI_COMM_WORLD. At some time, the job find itself to need another MPI process to cooperate the three MPI processes. So the question is: Could PMI help an non-MPI process to become a MPI process of the current MPI_COMM_WORLD? That is to say, Could the non-MPI process use the PMI function to become a member process of the current MPI job which would have FOUR MPI processes in MPI_COMM_WORLD?

Is there some method to solve question?
Is anybody have some example?

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