[mpich-discuss] mpich2 1.5: failing tests src/mpe2

Rob Latham robl at mcs.anl.gov
Tue Jan 13 16:30:24 CST 2015

On 01/13/2015 01:13 PM, Giordano Lipari wrote:
> I have installed mpchi2-1.5 in my Linux desktop (Ubuntu 12.04 LTS
> 64-bit) with the standard command sequence
> sudo ./configure --prefix=$MOUNTDIR
> sudo make
> sudo make install
> sudo make check
> The following 9 tests of the check in src/mpe2 fail:

Do you need MPE, jumpshot, collcheck, or any of their cousins?  You can 
safely ignore this error if so.

If you take Wes's advice and upgrade to 3.1.2, you won't even have MPE 
to worry about, as we made it a standalone "community supported" project 
a couple years back: run from git, as only the git version is aware of 
the new const-ness of the MPI functions:



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