[mpich-discuss] Shared Memory Segfaults

Brian Cornille bcornille at wisc.edu
Sat May 2 10:26:22 CDT 2015


In working on a project that is attempting to use MPI shared memory (from MPI_Win_allocate_shared) I began getting inconsistent segfaults in portions of the code that appeared to have no memory errors when investigated with gdb.  I believe I have somewhat reproduced this error in a small code (attached) that creates a linked list of MPI shared memory allocated elements.

The attached program segfaults for me when run with more than one process.  However, will not segfault if run in gdb (e.g. mpirun -n 2 xterm -e gdb ./mpi_shmem_ll).  I have done what I can to eliminate any apparent race conditions.  Any help in this matter would be much appreciated.

Thanks and best,

Brian Cornille
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