[mpich-discuss] Singleton init configuration for MPICH

Edric Ellis Edric.Ellis at mathworks.co.uk
Mon Aug 1 10:47:54 CDT 2016


I need to come up with an MPICH build that allows singleton-init processes to use MPI_Comm_connect/accept to get connected. Our MPICH2 build uses the "smpd" process manager to achieve this. However, now that we're upgrading to MPICH (3.1.4), I notice that the "smpd" process manager no longer exists. Is there a combination of process manager and PMI that allows connect/accept for singleton-init processes? I've tried a few things and cannot seem to find a combination that works. Here are the things I've tried:

1.       Hydra with pmi=simple - fails when attempting to launch hydra's mpiexec (I don't have the message to hand, but my recollection is that hydra's mpiexec didn't accept "-pmi_args")

2.       Hydra with pmi=pmi2/simple - cannot be built

3.       Gforker with pmi=pmi2/simple - required a couple of tweaks before it could be built, and then fails in PMPI_Init_thread complaining "Message truncated"

Is there some other combination that might work? Ideally, the singleton-init processes wouldn't need to use mpiexec at all (as was the case with our MPICH2 build using smpd).


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