[mpich-discuss] Building MPICH 3.2 on Power8 with PGI

Bader, Reinhold Reinhold.Bader at lrz.de
Wed Mar 23 05:21:38 CDT 2016

Dear MPICH developers,

I am currently trying to build MPICH 3.2 with the PGI 16.3 beta release on little-endian Power8 running Ubuntu.
I am failing with this in the configure stage. I have tried the following two:

./configure --prefix=/opt/mpich_pgi --with-pm=hydra CC=pgcc FC=pgfortran CPP="pgcc -E"

This fails with a compilation error that can be reproduced with the following program:

#define int8_t signed char
#include <sys/types.h>
int main ()
  return 0;

... with an obviously misplaced macro definition for int8_t.

The second scenario uses
./configure --disable-cxx --prefix=/opt/mpich_pgi_nocxx --with-pm=hydra CC=pgcc FC=pgfortran CPP="pgcc -E"

and fails with the error message
"checking for OpenPA atomic primitive availability... no
configure: error:
The ch3 device was selected yet no native atomic primitives are
available on this platform.  OpenPA can emulate atomic primitives using
locks by specifying --with-atomic-primitives=no but performance will be
very poor.  This override should only be specified for correctness
testing purposes."

Unfortunately the config.log only shows an exit status of 1, and not any compiler error message or test program
that contains executable statements.

Any ideas?


Dr. Reinhold Bader
Leibniz Supercomputing Centre (http://www.lrz.de) / HPC Systems and Services
Tel.: 0049 89 35831 8825  Fax: 8625

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