[mpich-discuss] Errors building MPICH on Windows 10 Ubuntu subsystem

Damian Rouson damian at sourceryinstitute.org
Mon Oct 10 11:33:51 CDT 2016


In attempting to build MPICH 3.1.4 or 3.2 in the Windows 10 Subsystem for Linux, which provides a full Ubuntu bash shell, I receive the following error message after configuring:

mpich-3.2/confdb/missing: line 81: aclocal-1.15: command not found
WARNING: 'aclocal-1.15' is missing on your system.
         You should only need it if you modified 'acinclude.m4' or
         'configure.ac <http://configure.ac/>' or m4 files included by 'configure.ac <http://configure.ac/>'.
         The 'aclocal' program is part of the GNU Automake package:
         <http://www.gnu.org/software/automake <http://www.gnu.org/software/automake>>
         It also requires GNU Autoconf, GNU m4 and Perl in order to run:
         <http://www.gnu.org/software/autoconf <http://www.gnu.org/software/autoconf>>
         <http://www.gnu.org/software/m4/ <http://www.gnu.org/software/m4/>>
         <http://www.perl.org/ <http://www.perl.org/>>
make: *** [/home/rouson/Desktop-shortcut/opencoarrays/prerequisites/downloads/mpich-3.2/aclocal.m4] Error 127

Prior to configuring, I installed aclocal installed via “sudo apt-get install automake,” which provided aclocal-1.14. I attempted unsuccessfully to build aclocal-1.15, but the discussion at the following URL suggests that the problem might relate to time stamps on file MPICH tar ball:

http://stackoverflow.com/questions/18769770/user-of-autotools-generated-tarball-gets-error-message-aclocal-1-13-command-no <http://stackoverflow.com/questions/18769770/user-of-autotools-generated-tarball-gets-error-message-aclocal-1-13-command-no>

I tried several of the steps suggested at the above link, but each leads to the following error message during the make step:

$ make
( cd ./src/binding/fortran/mpif_h && ./buildiface )
Replacing mpif.h.in <http://mpif.h.in/>
( cd ./src/binding/fortran/use_mpi && ./buildiface )
Replacing mpi_base.f90.in <http://mpi_base.f90.in/>
Replacing mpi_constants.f90.in <http://mpi_constants.f90.in/>
Replacing mpi_t1.f90
( cd . && rm -f .err unusederr.txt ; rm -rf .tmp )
( cd . && \
          ./maint/extracterrmsgs -careful=unusederr.txt \
                                 -skip=src/util/multichannel/mpi.c \
                                 `cat maint/errmsgdirs` > .tmp 2>.err )
( cd . && if test -s .err ; then rm -f .tmp ; cat .err ; exit 1 ; fi )
Warning: attempt to redefine **fail.  Duplicate ignored.
make: *** [src/mpi/errhan/defmsg.h] Error 1

Can anyone advise me about how to resolve this problem? Information on the Windows 10 Ubuntu distribution is here: 


My goa is to support users of OpenCoarrays (https://github.com/sourceryinstitute/opencoarrays), which uses MPICH to build and execute coarray Fortran codes with the GNU Fortran compiler (gfortran).

Best Regards,
Damian Rouson, Ph.D., P.E.
President, Sourcery Institute
+1-510-600-2992 (mobile)

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