[mpich-discuss] Re : Process Group Collision for multiple clients from different host machines having same pid with MPI_Comm_accept

Roy, Hirak Hirak_Roy at mentor.com
Mon May 1 23:52:59 CDT 2017

Hi Min,

I found the following piece of code in MPICH source : src/pm/util/pmiserv.c :

    /* We include the pid of the PMI server as a way to allow multiple
       PMI servers to coexist.  This is needed to support connect/accept
       operations when multiple mpiexec's are used, and the KVS space
       is served directly by mpiexec (it should really have the
       hostname as well, just to avoid getting the same pid on two
       different hosts, but this is probably good enough for most
       uses) */

    MPIU_Snprintf( (char *)(kvs->kvsname), MAXNAMELEN, "kvs_%d_%d",
                 (int)getpid(), kvsnum++ );
    kvs->pairs     = 0;
    kvs->lastByIdx = 0;
    kvs->lastIdx   = -1;

and in src/pm/hydra/pm/pmiserv/common.c

HYD_status HYD_pmcd_pmi_allocate_kvs(struct HYD_pmcd_pmi_kvs ** kvs, int pgid)
    HYD_status status = HYD_SUCCESS;

    HYDU_MALLOC(*kvs, struct HYD_pmcd_pmi_kvs *, sizeof(struct HYD_pmcd_pmi_kvs), status);
    HYDU_snprintf((*kvs)->kvsname, PMI_MAXKVSLEN, "kvs_%d_%d", (int) getpid(), pgid);
    (*kvs)->key_pair = NULL;

    return status;

    goto fn_exit;

I think hostname should be added to kvsname to make it unique when accept/connect are being done from multiple processes which are not invoked by the same mpiexec.


Hi Hirak,

Before look into PMI, it would be good to first make sure if this is a
problem in your server-client code, or in the dynamic process part of
MPICH code. Could you please reproduce this issue with a simple program
and give it to us ?

One thing I noticed is that the server program is multithreaded. Are you
using multiple threads to accept client connection ? Anyway, a
reproducer program will be great.

Please also try to use the latest MPICH release and see if it happens.

In summary, it would be great if you can send us the following files.
- A reproducer program
- MPICH's config.log (you can find it in the directory where you build


On 4/14/17 1:15 AM, Roy, Hirak wrote:
> Dear MPICH team,
> We use MPICH for a server-client application. We use MPICH-3.0.4 with
> sock channel.
> In this application there is one server and 100 clients.
> Each client is launched independently in different host-machines using
> individual-wrapper scripts. (we explicitly use : mpiexec -n 1 )
> The server is multithreaded and it uses MPI_Comm_accept (on
> MPI_COMM_SELF) and clients use MPI_Comm_connect to connect.
> We have observed the following issue after all the clients connect to
> server :
>  if we send message to a client (lets say 'm'), it reaches
> unexpectedly to some other client (lets say 'n'). { server sends the
> message using the communicator returned by accept call }. This happens
> randomly in one out of 5-6 runs.
> On further looking into MPICH code, we found that
> 1) There is a collsion of pg (process-group) of two processes (m and
> n) after mpi-comm-accept
> 2) As a result of (1), comm->vc are same (for m and n, although comm
> are different). It seems that the unique string (something like
> kva_<int>_int) is not unique for such two processes. 'm' and 'n'
> processes are running in different host-machine and they have the same
> pid. The kva string looked like kva_pid_rank.
> We have the following questions :
> 1) Have we built MPICH with some kind of incorrect
> configuration (hydra configuration at the end of the email) ?
> 2) Are we using incorrect process-manager or configuration and that is
> why there is a possible collision of process-groups?
> 3) What is the purpose of process group sharing/uniquifying? If there
> is no real reason for this, could it be disabled or will something
> else rely on the id string being unique?
> 4) If there are no other work-around, what could be done to make the
> id string unique? Add the host-name? Will everything else be ok with this?
> It would be good if you can let us know if there is any workaround for
> this issue or not.
> Thanks,
> Hirak Roy
> HYDRA build details:
>     CXX:                             no  -O3 -fPIC
>     F77:                             no
>     F90:                             no
>     Configure options: '--disable-option-checking'
> '--prefix=/home/hroy/local/mpich-3.0.4/linux_x86_64' '--disable-f77'
> '--disable-fc' '--disable-f90modules' '--disable-cxx'
> '--enable-fast=nochkmsg' '--enable-fast=notiming'
> '--enable-fast=ndebug' '--enable-fast=O3' '--with-device=ch3:sock'
> 'CFLAGS=-O3 -fPIC -O3' 'CXXFLAGS=-O3 -fPIC '
> 'CC=/u/prod/gnu/gcc/20121129/gcc-4.5.0-linux_x86_64/bin/gcc' 'LDFLAGS=
> ' '--cache-file=/dev/null' '--srcdir=.' 'LIBS=-lrt -lpthread '
> 'CPPFLAGS= -I/home/hroy/tools/mpich/mpich-3.0.4/src/mpl/include
> -I/home/hroy/tools/mpich/mpich-3.0.4/src/mpl/include
> -I/home/hroy/tools/mpich/mpich-3.0.4/src/openpa/src
> -I/home/hroy/tools/mpich/mpich-3.0.4/src/openpa/src
> -I/home/hroy/tools/mpich/mpich-3.0.4/src/mpi/romio/include'
>     Process Manager:                         pmi
>     Launchers available:                     ssh rsh fork slurm ll lsf
> sge manual persist
>     Topology libraries available:            hwloc
>     Resource management kernels available:   user slurm ll lsf sge pbs
> cobalt
>     Checkpointing libraries available:
>     Demux engines available:                 poll select

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