[mpich-discuss] Using MPICH and Hydra to manage apruns

Justin M Wozniak woz at anl.gov
Fri Apr 27 10:37:27 CDT 2018

     I am trying to use an MPI program to manage an ensemble of apruns 
under Cobalt on Theta.  I compiled an MPICH 3.2 for the login node.  
Then, in an interactive allocation, I do:

$ hostname

$ mpiexec -launcher fork -n 1 echo hi
[mpiexec at thetamom2] HYDU_parse_hostfile (utils/args/args.c:319): unable 
to open host file: /var/tmp/cobalt.222331
[mpiexec at thetamom2] HYDT_bscd_cobalt_query_node_list 
(tools/bootstrap/external/cobalt_query_node_list.c:27): error parsing 
[mpiexec at thetamom2] HYDT_bsci_query_node_list 
(tools/bootstrap/src/bsci_query_node_list.c:19): RMK returned error 
while querying node list
[mpiexec at thetamom2] main (ui/mpich/mpiexec.c:186): unable to query the 
RMK for a node list

It looks like Hydra has detected that it is under Cobalt.  How do I 
force it to ignore Cobalt?

Ultimately, I plan to replace 'echo' with a shell script that does an aprun.


Justin M Wozniak

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