[mpich-discuss] error with MPI_Reduce running cpi

Jinang_Shah sjinang at iitk.ac.in
Mon Jun 17 11:28:22 CDT 2019

1) $ ./configure --prefix=/users/misc/sjinang/mpich-install 

2) No. It is showing an error : mpiexec -n 2 -f hostfile
                                                Fatal error in
PMPI_Send: Unknown error class, error stack:
PMPI_Send(159).............: MPI_Send(buf=0x7ffe5d59e2a4, count=1,
MPI_INT, dest=1, tag=0, MPI_COMM_WORLD) failed
MPID_nem_tcp_connpoll(1845): Communication error with rank 1: Connection

3) I have done ssh from both the sides and its working fine. So now can
you see the problem... 


On 17-06-2019 21:28, Zhou, Hui wrote:

> Hi Jinang_Shah, 
> Could you list your configure line ( try `head config.log`)? 
> If you try a simple example where process 0 sends a short message to process 1, would you result in similar error? 
> Can csews1 and csews2 connect to each other freely, i.e. is there firewall, router, etc. between these two hosts? 
> --  
> Hui Zhou 
> On Jun 17, 2019, at 10:11 AM, Jinang_Shah via discuss <discuss at mpich.org> wrote: 
> $ mpiexec -n 2 -f hostfile ./mpi/mpich-3.3.1/examples/cpi
> Process 1 of 2 is on csews2
> Process 0 of 2 is on csews1
> Fatal error in PMPI_Reduce: Unknown error class, error stack:
> PMPI_Reduce(523)................: MPI_Reduce(sbuf=0x7ffeab580c10, rbuf=0x7ffeab580c18, count=1, datatype=MPI_DOUBLE, op=MPI_SUM, root=0, comm=MPI_COMM_WORLD) failed
> PMPI_Reduce(509)................: 
> MPIR_Reduce_impl(316)...........: 
> MPIR_Reduce_intra_auto(231).....: 
> MPIR_Reduce_intra_binomial(125).: 
> MPIDI_CH3U_Recvq_FDU_or_AEP(629): Communication error with rank 1 
> Can anyone explain this error and how to overcome it.I have installed just MPICH and not HYDRA package. 
> By the way this same command works fine with hello program the one where each node says their identity.
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