[mpich-discuss] Incorrect error checking?

Nick Radcliffe nradclif at cray.com
Tue Jun 18 17:25:52 CDT 2019

I recently noticed that a parameter check in MPII_Win_get_attr looks a bit off:

            /* A common user error is to pass the address of a 4-byte
             * int when the address of a pointer (or an address-sized int)
             * should have been used.  We can test for this specific
             * case.  Note that this code assumes sizeof(intptr_t) is
             * a power of 2. */
            if ((intptr_t) attribute_val & (sizeof(intptr_t) - 1)) {
                MPIR_ERR_SETANDSTMT(mpi_errno, MPI_ERR_ARG, goto fn_fail, "**attrnotptr");

The comment indicates that the check is testing "attribute_val" to see if a pointer to int was passed in, rather than a double pointer or pointer to an integer that can store an address. But the check seems to only be testing for 8 byte alignment (and failing if not aligned). Am I missing something here?

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