[mpich-discuss] uninstall by removing the install directory?

Jonathan Skipp J.M.Skipp at warwick.ac.uk
Wed May 22 16:39:41 CDT 2019

Hello all,

A few months ago someone had to install mpich-3.3 on my laptop (Mac OS
10.14.4) in a hurry. I'm now trying to compile some other code that uses
mpich and believe that mpich (and another library) aren't installed

Checking my installation, I can only find my mpich install directory
(containing the directories bin/, include/, lib/, and share/). The build
directory is nowhere to be found. I guess we deleted it. So all the
makefiles are missing so I cannot make clean. Also there are no c.txt,
m.txt or mi.txt to attach to this help request.

I now want to remove the old installation and then make a new installation
myself. I am concerned that if I just remove the install directory I might
miss some files that might be located elsewhere on my filesystem, or some
configurations somewhere.

My question is: is it safe to just rm the old install directory? Or do I
need to download again and configure it with a prefix pointing to the old
install directory?

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