[mpich-discuss] Fortran 2008 MPI Interface Bug

Thomas König tk at tkoenig.net
Fri Nov 15 12:48:37 CST 2019

Hi Junchao,

> Could you check if it is a gcc bug in handling type(*), dimension(..)

Unfortunately, I don't know the code that well to be able to do it.

If you could put together a simple, self-contained test case showing i
there is a problem, you could submit that to gcc's bugzilla (or I could
do that for you).

I could also check a simplified test case against current gfortran
trunk, which will not compile mpich 3.3.1 because it now flags argument
mismatches as errors.

(And yes, argument mismatches are real errors, which cause wrong
code; see for example https://bugs.debian.org/944127 .)

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