[mpich-discuss] Heads up for argument mismatch error with gfortran 10

Thomas König tk at tkoenig.net
Mon Sep 16 14:23:43 CDT 2019


this is just a heads-up: Version 10 of the gfortran compiler will no
longer accept mismatched arguments to old-style Fortran routines,
see https://gcc.gnu.org/gcc-10/changes.html and

Currently, this leads to a configure error with mpich 3.3.1:

checking whether gfortran allows mismatched arguments... no
configure: error: The Fortran compiler gfortran will not compile files 
that call
the same routine with arguments of different types.

There is now a -fallow-argument-mismatch option which degrades the
error to a warning, which you may want to put into your configure
script. Alternatively, gfortran also provides the ISO_Fortran_binding.h
file since its version 9, you might also want to use that.

The release of gfortran 10 will be quite some time in the future, so
there is no immediate rush.



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