[mpich-discuss] Controlling MPICH busy-wait behavior

Zhou, Hui zhouh at anl.gov
Thu Jun 4 10:26:40 CDT 2020

There is no such option for MPICH. If you configure with ch3:sock, which waits for the progress with blocking `poll`, I think it will not hog the CPU by default, for other configurations, it always busy waits.

Is using MPI_Iprobe + MPI_Test an option for you? If your process can afford latency, then you can control your own sleep cycles between MPI_Test. If MPICH will implement such non-busy-wait option, internally it will just do the same test-sleep cycles.

Hui Zhou

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Subject: [mpich-discuss] Controlling MPICH busy-wait behavior

Is there a means to tell MPICH to yield to other processes when performing a busy-wait for incoming messages?   The page below distinguishes between “aggressive busy-wait” and “degraded busy-wait”, where the latter is what I’d like to try.



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