[mpich-discuss] MPICH installation

Anthony Sirico asirico0215 at gmail.com
Wed Jun 10 10:32:45 CDT 2020

Good morning,

I have been struggling with getting my machines to work as one. I 
installed Linux mint on all machines, creating the same username and 
passwords. I also setup a share file through NFS.

My first question is, I cannot ssh from the master node, wolf00, to a 
slave node, wolf01 etc., without entering a password, how can i fix 
that? i've been through guides, setting up keychains and it is still not 
working. I would like to start over setting that up.

My second question is, during my Beowulf setup, i created a user in the 
NFS shared folder (/mirror), does it make sense to install MPICH there 
using the installation guide, or does if have to be installed on just 
the master node's machine, or all machines?

Looking forward to working with you.



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