[mpich-discuss] troubles with 3.3.2 and libslurm

Per Berg peb at fcoo.dk
Thu May 28 03:12:36 CDT 2020


I have version 3.2 running smoothly. Now I want to upgrade to vers 3.3.2, but I get a problem that the libslurm.so is required by the mpiexec in v3.3.2. This is a pitty since I don't have that on the compute nodes (and I don't use slurm). In vers3.2 this was not a problem.

I use the same compiler suite and the same configure arguments for both versions (except prefix path, of course).

>From ldd on the mpiexec from v3.3.2 I get:

    libslurm.so.29 => /usr/lib64/libslurm.so.29 (0x00007fc91ebf8000)

which will eventually lead to runtime errors when running across nodes that don't have it.

As said, vers3.2 doesn't have the slurm lib path burned into the mpiexec (and I don't need it).

How do I get rid of the libslurm in mpiexec? Which combination of configure args should I use? I have tried a tons of different args, but without success.

Please, help.



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