[mpich-discuss] Why stuck in MPI_Finalize?

Thomas Jahns jahns at dkrz.de
Thu Dec 9 11:06:04 CST 2021


On 12/1/21 1:31 PM, Joachim Protze via discuss wrote:
> I think, calling MPI_Comm_free from the garbage collector in random 
> ordering is not valid MPI code, since this function is a collective 
> operation. The non-normative advice to implementers reads:
> Though collective, it is anticipated that this operation will normally 
> be implemented to be local, though a debugging version of an MPI library 
> might choose to synchronize.

just an additional thought: for MPI_Win_free, ordering also matters, 
_and_ it must be called for each and every corresponding window creation 
before calling MPI_Finalize.

Regards, Thomas

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