[mpich-discuss] Help Building MPICH 4.0b1: undefined references to hwloc

Zhou, Hui zhouh at anl.gov
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Hi Matt,

Could post your src/pm/hydra/config.log​?

Hui Zhou
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Subject: [mpich-discuss] Help Building MPICH 4.0b1: undefined references to hwloc

MPICH Discuss,

I'm sure I've done something stupid, but I'm not sure what. I tried searching google, but my google-fu failed me.

Today I decided to try and build MPICH 4.0b1 on a cluster I'm on (NCCS Discover) using GCC 11.2. My configure line was quite boring:

./configure CC=gcc CXX=g++ FC=gfortran \

  FCFLAGS=-fallow-argument-mismatch \

  FFLAGS=-fallow-argument-mismatch \


The MPICH configure step was nice enough to let me know I needed those FFLAGS and FCFLAGS. And it configured just happily.[1]

When I went to the make step I eventually it errored out with:

make[3]: Entering directory '/gpfsm/dswdev/gmao_SIteam/MPI/src/mpich-4.0b1/src/pm/hydra'

  CCLD     libpm.la

  CCLD     hydra_persist

/usr/bin/ld: /discover/swdev/gmao_SIteam/MPI/src/mpich-4.0b1/src/pm/hydra/.libs/libhydra.a(topo_hwloc.o): in function `HYDT_topo_hwloc_init':

/discover/swdev/gmao_SIteam/MPI/src/mpich-4.0b1/src/pm/hydra/tools/topo/hwloc/topo_hwloc.c:577: undefined reference to `hwloc_topology_set_io_types_filter'

collect2: error: ld returned 1 exit status

Makefile:1286: recipe for target 'hydra_persist' failed

make[3]: *** [hydra_persist] Error 1

Now, as far as I can tell from the configure output, I'm using the embedded hwloc:

checking if hwloc meets minimum version requirement... no

configure: ===== configuring modules/hwloc =====


### Configuring hwloc core


checking hwloc building mode... embedded

configure: hwloc builddir: /discover/swdev/gmao_SIteam/MPI/src/mpich-4.0b1/modules/hwloc

configure: hwloc srcdir: /discover/swdev/gmao_SIteam/MPI/src/mpich-4.0b1/modules/hwloc


And I can't see anything in the output that it's somehow picking up on an hwloc I might have installed somewhere else (be it Open MPI or just hwloc by hand).

Maybe there are flags I need to pass? I do see reference to --with-hwloc=embedded, but it looks like configure decided to use that itself.

Thanks for any help,


[1] Note: I'm building on an Infiniband system so maybe I need to do a build with --with-device=ch4:ucx eventually, but that's a runtime thing. I figure it can't be involved with this error...right?


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