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Zhou, Hui zhouh at anl.gov
Fri Jan 15 23:43:23 CST 2021

Your description only mentions MPI_Gather. If there is indeed problem with MPI_Gather, then you should be able to reproduce the issue with a sample program. Share with us and we can better assist you. If you can’t reproduce the issue with a simple example, then I suspect there are other problems that you are not able to fully describe. We really can’t help much without able to see the code.

That said, I am not even sure what is the issue you are describing. 100 process MPI_Gather will be slower than 50 process MPI_Gather. And since it is a collective, if one of your process is delayed due to some computations or else, the whole collective will take longer to finish just due to waiting for the late process. You really need tell us what your program is doing in order for us to even offer an intelligent guess.

Hui Zhou

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Hi MPICH community,

My team has downloaded mpich 3.3.2 (using ch3 as default) and implemented MPI, and for small # of processes (<50), everything worked fine for our MPI implementation.  For >=50 processes, there was a ch3 error and crashed the program after a random amount of seconds (sometimes 10seconds, sometimes 100seconds).  So we compiled mpich 3.3.2 with ch4 (instead of default ch3) using '--with-device=ch4:ofi` flag and this got rid of the error- but for >12 processes, the speed would slow down to 2x slower suddenly.

Upon Hui's suggestion, we upgraded to mpich 3.4 and compiled with '--with-device=ch4:ofi` flag (where ch4 is default for mpich 3.4).  Everything worked fine until we hit 20 processes; after >=20 processes, the 2x slowdown is happening again.

We have tried 1 communicator and multiple communicators in an attempt to make the MPI implementation faster, but there's no significant difference in observations.  We are using MPI_Gather collector for merely calculating the sum of the result of N processes, but we can't seem to maintain stability within MPI as we increase N processes.  Is there something we are missing that is ultimately causing this error?  We are at a loss here, thank you.


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