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Zhou, Hui zhouh at anl.gov
Thu Jan 28 16:46:26 CST 2021

Jesse Jen,

Could you try ./configure --prefix=/home/jje/mpich-install –with-device=ch4:ofi?

Hui Zhou

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Date: Thursday, January 28, 2021 at 4:43 PM
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Subject: [mpich-discuss] Download Help
I am currently downloading the latest version of mpich on a ubuntu machine. I am having trouble configuring (step 1d) as I do not understand the error messages. How do i proceed? The error message I receive at the bottom is:
This is the input:

root at master:/home/jje/mpich-3.4rc1# ./configure --prefix=/home/jje/mpich-install 2>&1 | tee c.txt

The error message I receive at the bottom is:

configure: error: no ch4 netmod selected

  The default ch4 device could not detect a preferred network

  library. Supported options are ofi (libfabric) and ucx:

    --with-device=ch4:ofi or --with-device=ch4:ucx

  Configure will use an embedded copy of libfabric or ucx if one is

  not found in the user environment. An installation can be specified

  by adding

    --with-libfabric=<path/to/install> or --with-ucx=<path/to/install>

  to the configuration.

  The previous MPICH default device (ch3) is also available and

  supported with option:


Here is a imgur link with everything in between:
Thank You

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