[mpich-discuss] A question about mutex timing

Zhou, Hui zhouh at anl.gov
Wed Mar 17 15:56:03 CDT 2021

Unfortunately, `--enable-mutex-timing` is a leftover option that now does nothing. One option is to enable logging – following this guide https://wiki.mpich.org/mpich/index.php/Debug_Event_Logging . If you set `MPICH_DBG_CLASS=THREAD`, you should see in the log file entries like “enter/exit MPIDU_Thread_mutex_lock xxx”, with timestamps.

If that is insufficient for you, you may have manually insert your own timing harness. The file you should modify is `src/mpid/common/thread/mpidu_thread_fallback.h`.

Hope that helps.

Hui Zhou

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Subject: [mpich-discuss] A question about mutex timing
Dear sir or madam,

I enabled a feature on configuring the mpi library, which is --enable-mutex-timing (calculate the time spent waiting on mutexes).
But I don’t know how to use it.
Could you provide me with some ideas or solutions?
Thank you for reading, I appreciate your replies!

Yongyu Chen

Yongyu Chen
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