[mpich-discuss] Build MPICH Error

Raffenetti, Kenneth J. raffenet at mcs.anl.gov
Tue May 25 09:22:09 CDT 2021

How did you add the Intel compilers to your environment? Did you source the compilervars.sh script provided by the installation? That is more reliable than adjusting PATH(s) on your own, in my experience.


On 5/24/21, 12:31 PM, "Omid Bagheri via discuss" <discuss at mpich.org> wrote:

    I am installing MPICH Version 3.4.1 on CentOS Linux 8 and I get an error in building MPICH while the configuration was successful. I was wondering if you can help me with this.
    The m.txt and c.txt are attached to this email and I used the following to configure:
    cd /storage/bagherio/tmp/mpich-3.4.1
    /storage/bagherio/mpich-3.4.1/configure \
    -prefix=/storage/bagherio/mpich-install --with-device=ch4:ofi 2>&1 | tee c.txt

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