[mpich-discuss] Slurm and MPICH configuration

Mccall, Kurt E. (MSFC-EV41) kurt.e.mccall at nasa.gov
Mon Jan 3 17:16:30 CST 2022


The MPICH docs say the following about running under Slurm.  Is "sbatch" one of the launchers for which special configuration is necessary?


Q: How do I use MPICH with slurm?
A: MPICH's default process manager, Hydra, internally detects and functions correctly with SLURM. No special configuration is needed.
However, if you want to use SLURM's launchers (such as srun), you will need to configure MPICH with:
./configure --with-pmi=slurm --with-pm=no
In addition, if your slurm installation is not in the default location, you will need to pass the actual installation location using:
./configure --with-pmi=slurm --with-pm=no --with-slurm=[path_to_slurm_install]

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