[mpich-discuss] Installation error: size of array element is not a multiple of its alignment

Raffenetti, Ken raffenet at anl.gov
Mon Jan 3 20:47:36 CST 2022

Thanks for reporting. I have created https://github.com/pmodels/mpich/issues/5744 to track the issue. If you have a chance, could you confirm the issue also exists with the latest MPICH release candidate? http://www.mpich.org/static/downloads/4.0rc1/mpich-4.0rc1.tar.gz


On 12/29/21, 2:51 PM, "Douglas G Dommermuth via discuss" <discuss at mpich.org> wrote:

    Dear mpich.org <http://mpich.org>, 
    I was able to compile with gcc 10.2.0.

    Thank you, Doug.

    On Dec 29, 2021, at 9:40 AM, Douglas G Dommermuth <dgd at mit.edu> wrote:

    Dear mpich.org <http://mpich.org/>, 

    I apologize.  I sent this email out with the wrong subject matter.  Here is the correct subject.   Thank you.

    I am getting an error installing mpich-3.4.3 on a MacBook Air (M1,2020) with macOS Monterey 12.1, gcc 11.2.0, g++ 11.2.0, and gfortran 11.2.0.  I used the following commands:

    ./configure FFLAGS=-fallow-argument-mismatch --prefix=/Users/douglasdommermuth/mpich2/mpich2-install | & tee c.txt
    make clean
    make V=1 | & tee m.txt 

    I get the following error:

    CC       src/mpi/attr/lib_libpmpi_la-attr_delete.lo
    In file included from ./src/mpid/ch4/netmod/include/../ofi/ofi_impl.h:10,
                     from ./src/mpid/ch4/netmod/include/../ofi/ofi_am.h:8,
                     from ./src/mpid/ch4/netmod/include/../ofi/netmod_inline.h:9,
                     from ./src/mpid/ch4/netmod/include/netmod_impl.h:1644,
                     from ./src/mpid/ch4/include/mpidch4.h:322,
                     from ./src/mpid/ch4/include/mpidpost.h:10,
                     from ./src/include/mpiimpl.h:241,
                     from src/mpi/attr/attr_delete.c:6:
    ./src/mpid/ch4/netmod/include/../ofi/ofi_types.h:326:5: error: size of array element is not a multiple of its alignment
      326 |     MPIDI_OFI_cacheline_mutex_t mutexes[MAX_OFI_MUTEXES];
          |     ^~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    make[2]: *** [src/mpi/attr/lib_libpmpi_la-attr_delete.lo] Error 1
    make[1]: *** [all-recursive] Error 1
    make: *** [all] Error 2

    An online search indicates that others are experiencing this error with gcc 11. For example, here https://github.com/JayDDee/cpuminer-opt/issues/313, https://gitlab.com/xonotic/darkplaces/-/issues/363, and https://github.com/relic-toolkit/relic/issues/202.

    I have not tried an earlier version of gcc.

    Compressed versions of c.txt, m.txt, and config log files are attached.

    Thank you, Doug.


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