[mpich-discuss] Fortran 08 tests with 'use mpi'

Gregor Corbin g.corbin at fz-juelich.de
Fri Jan 7 03:09:50 CST 2022


I noticed that some of the tests in test/mpi/f08 still work with 'use 
mpi' instead of  'use mpi_f08', mostly in the pt2pt folder. These seem 
to be copies of the tests in f90 which in turn have been generated by 

Shouldn't these tests be converted to 'use mpi_f08'? If so, would you be 
interested in a PR that fixes this? I would need to do this anyway.

Kind regards,

Gregor Corbin

PS.: The interfaces for 'use mpi' and 'use mpi_f08' are probably too 
different for an automatic conversion to be practical (how to change all 
the integers to type(mpi_xxx) for example?).

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