[mpich-discuss] [EXTERNAL] Re: error building cuda from yaksa

Allen McIntosh aamcintosh at peratonlabs.com
Mon May 2 13:02:08 CDT 2022

That was what I thought also.  Unfortunately this doesn't work.  The
purpose of setting $LIBTOOL_VERSION is to embed the version in the .lo
file $LO_FILEPATH that is created in the next statement.  Although the
version is placed in something that appears to be a comment, it is
required later by something else called 'libtool',  and it is considered
to be an error if the version is missing:

libtool:   error: 'src/backend/cuda/pup/yaksuri_cudai_pup__Bool.lo' is
not a valid libtool object

The file contains the line
# Generated by

This is a rather cryptic error message, but it goes away if the libtool
invocation on line 44 is changed to './libtool'.  That is marginally OK
if cudalt.sh is only invoked in that directory (which seems to be true
just now) but it's not a permanent solution IMHO.

I have attached the build log for whatever that's worth.  Let me know if
you want any config logs.

On 5/2/22 11:01 AM, Zhou, Hui wrote:
> Hi Allen,
> The line was just getting a libtool version to be included in a
> comment. I suspect simply deleting the line would work fine. Could you
> try that?
> Posting yaksa related questions here is fine. Don't worry about
> reposting to yaksa-users.
> -- 
> Hui
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> Mpich version: 4.0.2
> OS: Ubuntu 20.04 (but likely irrelevant)
> Line 45 (approximately) of
> mpich-4.0.2/modules/yaksa/src/backend/cuda/cudalt.sh invokes libtool
> without providing its own version.  This results in an error if there is
> no system version of libtool.  I got around this by changing the
> invocation to "./libtool", but that is pretty ugly.  I have asked to
> have libtool-bin installed on the build system.  I can post with any
> results.
> [I see that I really should have posted this to yaksa-users.  I will
> subscribe and post there.]
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