[mpich-discuss] Installing mpich with libfabric

Pratik Shelar pshelar at cdac.in
Fri Aug 11 13:32:21 CDT 2023

Hi Everyone,
specifically aiming to enable RMA (Remote Memory Access) calls for efficient parallel computing. However, I've encountered some challenges in achieving the desired setup.
I have attempted multiple configurations, but it seems that the RMA calls of OFI are not being utilized based on my backtracing results. I am seeking your guidance to resolve this issue. Here are the configurations I've tried:

1. ./configure --prefix=/home/<username>/mpich/mpich_exe --with-ch4-ofi-direct-provider=<provider> --with-libfabric-lib=/home/<username>/libfabric/libfabric_exe/lib --with-libfabric-include=/home/<username>/libfabric/libfabric_exe/include

2. ./configure --prefix=/home/<username>/mpich/mpich_exe --enable-ch4-am-only --with-ch4-ofi-direct-provider=<provider> ---with-libfabric-lib=/home/<username>/libfabric/libfabric_exe/lib --with-libfabric-include=/home/<username>/libfabric/libfabric_exe/include

3. ./configure --prefix=/home/<username>/mpich/mpich_exe --enable-mpit-pvars=rma --with-ch4-ofi-direct-provider=<provider> ---with-libfabric-lib=/home/<username>/libfabric/libfabric_exe/lib --with-libfabric-include=/home/<username>/libfabric/libfabric_exe/include

4. ./configure --prefix=/home/<username>/mpich/mpich_exe --enable-mpit-pvars=rma --with-device=ch4:ofi ---with-libfabric-lib=/home/<username>/libfabric/libfabric_exe/lib --with-libfabric-include=/home/<username>/libfabric/libfabric_exe/include

Despite these attempts, the RMA calls from OFI are not being utilized as indicated by my analysis with Valgrind.
I kindly request your expertise and assistance in resolving this matter. If there are specific configurations or steps that I might be missing, please provide guidance on how to properly enable RMA calls using OFI in the MPICH setup.
Thank you for your time and support. I am looking forward to your valuable insights and suggestions to help me overcome this issue.

Thanks & Regards,
Pratik Baban Shelar
Project Engineer
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