[mpich-discuss] building MPICH2-1.5

Иващук Роман newtrad at yandex.ru
Wed Dec 19 01:58:23 CST 2012

Hi all. I need some help in building MPICH2-1.5, if possible, please. I use the latest version
of the source code, Windows 7, MS VC 2010, Intel Fortran 2011, cygwin and etc.  I have many mistakes such as undeclared identifiers, missing headers (ex. glue_romio.h), syntax mistakes in fortran and c++ files. Is there more detailed instruction for building  instead of "load script winconfigure.wsf, load and buld solution..."  In other words, what to do with the source code of MPICH2-1.5 to have executable files.

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