[mpich-discuss] Paramesh with MPICH2 anyone?

Angel de Vicente angelv at iac.es
Mon Dec 31 03:56:30 CST 2012


Jeff Hammond <jeff.science at gmail.com> writes:

> Per the instructions on the website, you should
> contact paramesh_users at sourceforge.net. All evidence provided (which
> is not much) indicates this is not a problem with MPICH and thus this
> is the wrong list to handle these issues.

Yes, I tried to get some information from the paramesh list (back in
August), but the list is almost dead (7 messages (including mine) in the
last three years), so that's why I thought to ask here in case somebody
had tried it with MPICH2.

> If you want help from this list, at least provide full details about
> your system and MPICH build, all of the source code that is failing,
> and the full output from failed jobs.

When I have the chance to run it again and collect some info about the
errors, I will post here again in case somebody can give some pointers
about what could be causing Paramesh+MPICH2 to misbehave.

Ángel de Vicente
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