[mpich-discuss] How to specify number of cores for each process

Zachary Stanko zstanko at usgs.gov
Tue Nov 27 21:37:49 CST 2012


I am running an MPI program on a machine with two 16-core processors yet, 
no matter what configuration I use with mpiexec, I am only receiving 4 
simultaneous processes.
I would like to maximize this machine's potential and run 8 or 16 
processes. I have tried all of the channel selections and tried the 
-binding option.
Since I need to specify a different working directory for each process 
(due to many output files with naming conflicts), I have a config file 
with 8 lines of the form:

-n 1 -binding auto -dir <mydir01> <myprog> <inpfile>
-n 1 -binding auto -dir <mydir02> <myprog> <inpfile>

and I run:

mpiexec -configfile <filename>

Am I doing something wrong, or does MPICH just know best and cannot run 
more than 4 jobs at a time on this system?


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