[mpich-discuss] regarding parallel proramming error

Pavan Balaji balaji at mcs.anl.gov
Mon Aug 19 22:04:19 CDT 2013

I'm pasting the error inline, for others' information.

FYI, the error is "unable to open host file: machinefile".

mpirun -f machinefile -n 2 /home/urp/mpich-install/hello
[mpiexec at masternode.csd.com] HYDU_parse_hostfile 
(./utils/args/args.c:323): unable to open host file: machinefile
[mpiexec at masternode.csd.com] mfile_fn (./ui/mpich/utils.c:341): error 
parsing hostfile
[mpiexec at masternode.csd.com] match_arg (./utils/args/args.c:153): match 
handler returned error
[mpiexec at masternode.csd.com] HYDU_parse_array (./utils/args/args.c:175): 
argument matching returned error
[mpiexec at masternode.csd.com] parse_args (./ui/mpich/utils.c:1609): error 
parsing input array
[mpiexec at masternode.csd.com] HYD_uii_mpx_get_parameters 
(./ui/mpich/utils.c:1660): unable to parse user arguments
[mpiexec at masternode.csd.com] main (./ui/mpich/mpiexec.c:153): error 
parsing parameters
[root at masternode ~]#

On 08/19/2013 01:27 AM, urmila pol wrote:
> Dear sir,
> I have attaching the screenshots of my errors please guide me .waiting
> for reply.
> With regards,
> Dr.Urmila R. Pol
> Assistant Professor,
> Department of computer Science,
> Shivaji University, Kolhapur.

Pavan Balaji

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