[mpich-discuss] MPD problem

hamideh jabalameli hamideh.jabalameli at gmail.com
Thu Aug 22 12:02:36 CDT 2013

Hi dear friends
I'm trying to run my mpi programs. I should run (mpd -d) in my terminal
commands. but i got only this:

mpd failed: gethostbyname_ex failed for linux-ut6d.site

{linux-ut6d.site  is my Hostname.Domainname}

Any idea?

please help me immediately...

*Best Regards*

Hamideh Jabalameli*

M.Sc Candidate,
School of Electrical and Computer Engineering,
College of Engineering,
Electronici Shahid Beheshti Tehran University
h.jabal at Mail.sbu.ac.ir
hamideh.jabalameli at gmail.com
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