[mpich-discuss] availability of an implementation of MPI 3 on production platforms

Matthieu Dorier matthieu.dorier at irisa.fr
Wed Jul 24 08:59:35 CDT 2013


This is a non-technical question: 

The MPI 3 standard includes some very nice features, which I'm impatient to leverage in my projects, but being still recent, most platforms today (at least all production platforms I have access to) do not provide an implementation of it. I'm curious when do you think we will be able to say that a majority of platforms provide MPI 3, and that a code that using MPI 3 can be seen as portable? (how long did it take between the release of the MPI 2 standard and its availability on most platforms?) Are you aware of platforms that already provide it? And what is the status of the implementation in Mpich? (are there functions still to be implemented?) 


Matthieu Dorier 
PhD student at ENS Cachan Brittany and IRISA 
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