[mpich-discuss] F90 mpi module issues

W Spector w6ws at earthlink.net
Thu Nov 14 15:36:44 CST 2013

The implementation of the MPI module in file mpi_base.f90.in and friends 
has serious problems with the various interface blocks.  Specifically, 
with the exception of the final 'ierror' arguments, the dummy arguments 
generally use names of 'v0', 'v1', 'v2', and so on.  Arguments should 
have the names defined by the report so that callers can use 
keyword=value style calls to better document the code.  This is a 
requirement of the MPI 3.0 Report (section 17.1.3, third bullet), and 
MPI 2 as well.  (Though admittedly section 16.2.4 of the MPI 2.2 Report 
is not as explicit in this regard as the MPI 3.0 Report is.)

Can this be addressed anytime soon?

Walter Spector

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