[mpich-discuss] MPI_REDUCE with MPI_IN_PLACE does not always work

Michael.Rachner at dlr.de Michael.Rachner at dlr.de
Fri Sep 13 03:31:35 CDT 2013

Dear MPI community,

I found a problem when calling  MPI_REDUCE with the keyword  MPI_IN_PLACE   in my Ftn95-code (using the INTEL-12  Ftn95-compiler).
Depending on the MPI-implementation and the operating system the problem occurs or not.

This is my experience so far:
     MPICH2 v.1.4.1p1                        on Win7(64-bit) PC   :  It works
    Microsoft-MPI  (v. of 12/11/2012)   on WIN7(64-bit) PC  :   It fails  (either assuming the contribution of the root to be zero (i.e. silently a wrong result!),
                                                                                                                              or access violation or floating exception on the root in MPI_REDUCE )
    OPENMPI v.1.6.2-2 on WIN7(64-bit) PC :  It fails  ( in the same manner as with MS-MPI)
    OPENMPI v.1.4.3  and 1.6.3       on 2 LINUX-Clusters :  It works
    INTEL-MPI  v. 4.0.3  and 4.1.0   on 2 LINUX-Clusters :  It works

My question is:  Is the failing possibly caused by an erroneous ('dangerous') Ftn-coding  causing some MPI implementations to fail and others not?
                              Or is the problem actually caused by a bug in different MPI implementions?

This is my Ftn95-coding:

      subroutine mpiw_reduce_sumfast_real8( rbuffarr, nelem )
!     sbr mpiw_reduce_sumfast_real8  is a wrapper for the MPI-routine  MPI_REDUCE
!     applied for summing element-wise a real(REAL8) 1d-array  rbuffarr(nelem)
!     from all processes of communicator  commSPRAY
!     and store the sums on master in the same array  rbuffarr(nelem) ,
!     i.e. on the master we overwrite the original contribution of the master by:
!       for i=1..nelem:   rbuffarr(i) = SUM_over_iproc (rbuffarr(i) )  , with iproc=1,numprocs
!     mpiw_reduce_sumfast_real8 calls    :  MPI_REDUCE
!                                                       last update: 03.09.2013
     use MPIHEADER   , only:  MPI_SUM, MPI_IN_PLACE
      use NUMBER_MODEL, only:  INT4,REAL8
      use MPARAL      , only:  lmaster, commSPRAY, ierr_mpi, mpiusertype_REAL8
      implicit none
      integer (INT4) , intent(IN)                      ::  nelem
      real    (REAL8), intent(INOUT), dimension(nelem) ::  rbuffarr  ! input on master&slaves, result only on master
      real    (REAL8) ::  rdummyarr(1)

      if(lmaster) then
        call MPI_REDUCE( MPI_IN_PLACE, rbuffarr, nelem, mpiusertype_REAL8, MPI_SUM &
                        ,0_INT4, commSPRAY, ierr_mpi )
      else  ! slaves
        call MPI_REDUCE( rbuffarr, rdummyarr, nelem, mpiusertype_REAL8, MPI_SUM &
                        ,0_INT4, commSPRAY, ierr_mpi )
      end subroutine mpiw_reduce_sumfast_real8

Note, that the problem is not dependent on the reduce-operator (here  MPI_SUM) chosen.
The problem does not occur, when I apply MPI_REDUCE without the MPI_IN_PLACE option.

As a reference I cite here the MPI 2.2 standard (of Sept 4, 2009, p. 164):
  The "in place" option for intracommunicators is specified by passing the value
  MPI_IN_PLACE to the argument sendbuf at the root. In such a case, the input data is taken
  at the root from the receive buffer, where it will be replaced by the output data.

Does my coding strictly conform to this?

Michael Rachner

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