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"Antonio J. Peña" apenya at mcs.anl.gov
Tue Jul 8 08:47:10 CDT 2014

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Sorry, we don't provide support for Windows any more. Microsoft and 
Intel have Windows versions of their MPI implementations based on MPICH. 
Please refer to our downloads page:



On 07/08/2014 08:13 AM, Mohammad Nami Nazari wrote:
> Hi
> I have installed the "mpich2-1.0.1-1-win64-x86-64 on windows 7, 64 bit 
> OS", but I cant work with it correctly. When I run a parallel program, 
> face to this error in cmd window:
> " Error while connecting to host, No connection could be made because 
> the target machine actively refused it. <10061>
> unable to connect to ' user name:8676'
> sock error: error = -1 "
> Please help me
> Thanks regard

Antonio J. Peña
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Argonne National Laboratory
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apenya at mcs.anl.gov

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