[mpich-discuss] unknown type name for mpich-master-v3.1.1-71-gc244ba49

Siegmar Gross Siegmar.Gross at informatik.hs-fulda.de
Wed Jul 9 07:48:10 CDT 2014


today I tried to install mpich-master-v3.1.1-71-gc244ba49 on my
Linux machine (openSUSE 12.1 x86_64). "make" fails with the
following error for gcc-4.9.0.

  CC       src/mpi/attr/lib_libmpi_la-attr_delete.lo
In file included from ../mpich-master-v3.1.1-71-gc244ba49/src/mpi/attr/attr_delete.c:8:0:
  error: unknown type name 'useconds_t'
 int usleep(useconds_t usec);
make[2]: *** [src/mpi/attr/lib_libmpi_la-attr_delete.lo] Error 1

I used the following configure-command.

../mpich-master-v3.1.1-71-gc244ba49/configure \
  --prefix=/usr/local/mpich-3.1.2_64_gcc \
  --libdir=/usr/local/mpich-3.1.2_64_gcc/lib64 \
  --includedir=/usr/local/mpich-3.1.2_64_gcc/include64 \
  CC="gcc" CXX="g++" F77="gfortran" FC="gfortran" \
  CFLAGS="-m64 -std=c11" CXXFLAGS="-m64" FFLAGS="-m64" FCFLAGS="-m64" \
  LDFLAGS="-m64" \
  --enable-f77 --enable-fc --enable-cxx --enable-romio \
  --enable-debuginfo --enable-smpcoll \
  --enable-threads=runtime --with-thread-package=posix \
  --enable-shared \
  |& tee log.configure.$SYSTEM_ENV.$MACHINE_ENV.64_gcc

The log-file contains no errors, but some warnings.

linpc1 mpich-3.1.2-Linux.x86_64.64_gcc 118 grep -i warning \
configure: WARNING: Some versions of gcc do not include debugging
configure: WARNING: Structures containing long doubles may be aligned
  differently from structures with floats or longs.  MPICH does not
  handle this case automatically and you should avoid assumed extents
  for structures containing float types.
configure: WARNING: File locks may not work with NFS.  See the
  Installation and
configure: WARNING: "-fvisibility=hidden" has been added to the
  hwloc CFLAGS
checking warnings... no
configure: WARNING: The ch3 device did not set the maximum size of
  an error string, 512 being used.
config.status: WARNING:  
  seems to ignore the --datarootdir setting
linpc1 mpich-3.1.2-Linux.x86_64.64_gcc 119 

I would be grateful if somebody could fix the problem. Thank you
very much for your help in advance.

Kind regards


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