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Kyle Hartley k.hartster at gmail.com
Tue Jul 15 10:44:49 CDT 2014

Hey Guys,

Hopefully my last question, I'm so close.
Test c code by running the example cpi.c
>mpiexec -f machinefile -n 2 ~/mpich_build/examples/cpi
[mpiexec at NI-myRIO-1900-03037f65] control_cb
(/home/admin/mpich-3.1.1/src/pm/hydra/pm/pmiserv/pmserv_cb.c:200): assert
(!closed) failed
[mpiexec at NI-myRIO-1900-03037f65] HYDT_dmxu_poll_wait_for_event
(/home/admin/mpich-3.1.1/src/pm/ydra/tools/demux/demux_poll.c:76): callback
returned error status
[mpiexec at NI-myRIO-1900-03037f65] HYD_pmci_wait_for_completion
(/home/admin/mpich-3.1.1/src/pm/hdra/pm/pmiserv/pmiserv_pmci.c:198): error
waiting for event
[mpiexec at NI-myRIO-1900-03037f65] main
(/home/admin/mpich-3.1.1/src/pm/hydra/ui/mpich/mpiexec.c:44): process
manager error waiting for completion

I try to recompile and run cpi.c and it still gets the above error. I tried
running a simple hello world example that compiles fine in mpicc and I get
the same errors. GCC and g++* compilers work fine. I can run the cpi
example by ./ just fine. G++ I discovered wasn't working when I tried to
configure openmpi, created a link to the library and resolved the error in
openmpi. This was after I configured and installed mpich. MPIexec throws
same error. mpiexec -f machinefile -n # hostname works fine. So mpiexec is
working its something to do when calling c code.

1. I can try to reconfigure mpich to see if this resolves the error and its
a configuration mistake.
2. It seems like this was reproduced in March.
    I'm not sure if this was resolved other than modifying code but this is
the example and even simple code breaks.
3. This is a dual core arm processor so I can see if disabling the second
core can help since it looks like it is a timing issue.

Any other ideas?
Kyle Hartley
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