[mpich-discuss] MPI log via MPE on CRAY XC30 machine

Milind Chabbi Milind.Chabbi at rice.edu
Wed Sep 17 00:26:05 CDT 2014

I am trying to gather MPI logs on CRAY XC30 (Edison machine at NERSC.)
I built MPE 2-1.3 (ftp://ftp.mcs.anl.gov/pub/mpi/mpe/mpe2.tar.gz) with
the following configure command:

./configure MPI_CC=cc F77=ftn MPI_F77=ftn --prefix=/XXXXX/mpe2-1.3.0-install

I compiled a simple application with the following command:
/XXXX/mpe2-1.3.0-install/bin/mpecc  test1.cpp -mpilog

The code compiled fine, but the execution did not generate any log files.

I am trying to generate logs files of MPI calls to view with Jumpshot
on programs compiled on Cray XC30. Can you suggest the steps needed to
get this working?


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