[mpich-discuss] Running mpich without mpiexec

Dmitriy Lyubimov dlieu.7 at gmail.com
Thu Apr 21 00:18:21 CDT 2016


I guess i need to be asking more specific questions.

I saw the same issue has been raised a few years ago and apparently there
was no solution for it back then, so i thought i'd check again.

The question is about bypassing mpiexec and trying to connect already
running processes (which already have some data in memory to share with mpi
tasks) into a single communicator without having to spawn yet another
process with mpiexec.

Suppose one of this processes uses MPI_Comm_accept, and the other somehow
know the mpi port name and would use MPI_Comm_connect() to connect to it.

Everything works as long as both server and client started with mpiexec -n
1. However, without mpiexec, the same attempts cause errors and connection
never happens:

mpiexec at Intel-Kubu] match_arg (utils/args/args.c:159): unrecognized
argument pmi_args
[mpiexec at Intel-Kubu] HYDU_parse_array (utils/args/args.c:174): argument
matching returned error
[mpiexec at Intel-Kubu] parse_args (ui/mpich/utils.c:1596): error parsing
input array
[mpiexec at Intel-Kubu] HYD_uii_mpx_get_parameters (ui/mpich/utils.c:1648):
unable to parse user arguments
[mpiexec at Intel-Kubu] main (ui/mpich/mpiexec.c:153): error parsing parameters

So, there's no way of working around the necessity to spawn an entirely new
process with mpiexec?

Thank you very much for your help.
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