[mpich-discuss] MPI_Send and MPI_Bcast

alaa nashar nashar_al at yahoo.com
Wed Sep 7 07:04:16 CDT 2016

 Dearall I haveimplemented the following two algorithms on my home Ethernet LAN containing 2/and three heterogeneous devices using MPICH2.



1- Rootprocess reads the contents of an input array.

2- Itthen sends the array data to all other processes.

3- Allprocesses including the root process perform specific

  computations on their array copies.

4- Oncethe computations within each process are finished,

  the generated arrays are directly written by the process that

  performed the computations to separate files.



Same asAlgorithm 1 except step 2 is replace by:

2- Root process broadcast the array data to all other processes.


Theimplementation of both algorithms  work fine and give the expected resultsbut Algorithm2 that uses MIPI_Bcast is slower than Algorithm1 that usesMPI_Send


For myknowledge, MIPI_Bcast is faster than MPI_Send.

Please,would you guide me to know if there is any conflict of misunderstand.


Thanksa lot




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