[mpich-discuss] Extent of support for MPI_T_... interface?

Alexander Rast alex.rast.technical at gmail.com
Mon Jun 19 09:27:37 CDT 2017

I just ran a simple program to output the list of performance variables
available at MPI initialisation. That it compiled and ran indicates that
MPICH does at least support the interface, however it returned 0 variables
available. Is this true - that MPICH supports the interface but exports no
performance variables?

The other possible scenario I could envisage is that MPICH exports possibly
many variables but these aren't available at initialisation time, rather
they are dynamically exported as processes and communicators are created.
However, if this is the case I don't understand the expected usage model.
It's not clear how you could make use of this data without very awkward
processing because the underlying datatypes are only exported as an
MPI_Datatype opaque handle.

Does either of these 2 scenarios reflect the extent of MPI_T support?
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