[mpich-discuss] 1. Single file reading by all processors in MPI. 2.Difference between blocking and non-blocking call of MPI_neighbor_alltoallw

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> Hello,
> I have following two questions with MPI,
> 1. Do I need to give a separate input file to each processor in a group or
> all of them can read the input from a single file? All data inside the file
> should be read by every processor.

You can read the input file from every process but it isn't a good idea.
Read the input file from rank 0 and broadcast the contents.  This assumes
that your input file is small.  If your input file is huge, then you should
consider designing it for parallel reading with MPI_File_* functions.

> 2. Can you please tell me what is the difference between
> MPI_Neighbor_alltoallw and MPI_Ineighbor_alltoallw? As I read in MPI 3.0
> document that MPI_Neighbor_alltoallw also used non-blocking send and
> receive inside its execution.
MPI_Neighbor_alltoallw is a blocking function while MPI_Ineighbor_alltoallw
is not.  Using non-blocking send and receive inside its execution does not
mean that MPI_Neighbor_alltoallw doesn't block - if that is how it's
implemented, then there will be the equivalent of a MPI_Waitall before the
function returns.  But in any case, just because the MPI document suggests
a possible implementation does not mean that is how all implementations


> Thank you.
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