[mpich-discuss] Is it okay to remove F77 support?

Jeff Hammond jeff.science at gmail.com
Wed Jan 27 11:16:42 CST 2021

Squyres' point is that there is not and has never been an MPI Fortran 77
API and every time someone implies there is, it confuses people.  mpif.h
requires ISO Fortran 90 - it just happens to support fixed-source form and
does not require any of the Fortran 90 features that were not ubiquitous in
compilers ~15 years ago.

The original question was correct, but could not be interpreted correctly
by most people.  It asked whether MPICH could drop support for compilers
that support no Fortran dialect beyond Fortran 77.  The only compiler I
have ever used that would be impacted by this is g77, which I used in the
same era that I used Itanium.


> Well, then the question was very poorly formulated.
> It suggests suppressing the Mpich Fortran-77 API.
> Hard to gauge the impact of removing support of F77 compiler (ONLY),
> but it may cause trouble when building complex code,
> and linking it to MPI (mpich),
> as some may actually require a compiler that is specific for Fortran-77,
> or have Makefiles and other utilities that rely on such a compiler.
> Gus Correa
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