[mpich-discuss] Trying to work with the MPICH test suite, need a little help processing the results

Zhou, Hui zhouh at anl.gov
Wed Jul 14 09:40:06 CDT 2021

The output XML is in JUNIT format. I trust you can easily look up the schema by search for JUNIT.

The current runtests script doesn’t handle tests with paths. Rather, it is designed to work recursively. For example, the top testlist should only contain direct subdirectory, e.g. rma. Then runtests will look for separate testlist file in rma/.  What you need to do is to edit `rma/testlist` so it only contains `sampletest`.

Hui Zhou

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Subject: [mpich-discuss] Trying to work with the MPICH test suite, need a little help processing the results

So… I’m working with the MPICH test suite to check for bugs in some pre-release OFI changes I’m working on, but I could use a little help processing the resulting XML files.

First – is there a schema file for the output XML files? (I know about TestResults.xsl but I’m hoping to generate some Excel pivot tables for my managers to view)

Second – I figured out how to exclude individual tests by creating my own testlist files but when I do, the XML output loses information about what type of test is being run. For example, if my test list reads:

                # do the rma tests

Then the output will have the form:


But if my test list reads:

                # do rma/sampletest

then the output will be:


This makes it a bit harder to quickly group error reports by category.

Any suggestions for retaining the working directory in this case?

Thanks in advance.

Michael Heinz
Fabric Software Engineer, Cornelis Networks

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