[mpich-discuss] mpich3 error with ch3

Zhou, Hui zhouh at anl.gov
Thu May 27 08:58:05 CDT 2021

Similar issues can be very different in causes. Checking the referenced discussion, I wasn’t sure what was the original issues. We suggested to try ch4 as to get more data points rather than as a solution. Nevertheless, ch4 is the current recommended device as it is more actively developed.

Ch3 is not broken as far as we know. Could you describe your issue in more details?

Hui Zhou

From: Alim Akhtar via discuss <discuss at mpich.org>
Date: Wednesday, May 26, 2021 at 10:51 PM
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Subject: [mpich-discuss] mpich3 error with ch3
Hi mpich dev team,

I am facing one issue similar to discussed in below discussion


Someone in the mailing list suggested recompiling the mpi bench using
CH4. as below:


"MPICH with ch4, with `--with-device=ch4:ofi`"

Actually this fixes the failure on this CPU architecture.

1. Is this a known issue with MPI bench on the recent CPU
architecture? (I am running on ARM's Cortex -A 75), like ch3 is
2. With no error after using CH4, does this mean the CPU is all good?

Note: using ch3 was working fine on our previous CPU (A-72)

Any input will be really appreciated.

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