[mpich-discuss] MPICH Test Suite - limit number of processes

Zhou, Hui zhouh at anl.gov
Thu Jan 12 10:29:07 CST 2023

Unfortunately, the number of processes for each test is hardcoded in the testlist files. There is no mechanism for filtering or dynamically modifying them. You could either maintain a custom patch to modify the testlist, or have a script applying a separate xfail list. An example of such xfail list that we used in our internal testing is in test/mpi/maint/jenkins/xfail.conf. If the custom patch solution won't work in your situation, please open an github issue describing your use case, and we can discuss to add a filtering option to the runtests script.

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Subject: [mpich-discuss] MPICH Test Suite - limit number of processes

I would like to limit the number of processes used by the
MPICH Test Suite, which I run by "make testing" after
building MPICH.

I tried

export MPITEST_PPNMAX=<n> # The maximum number of processes per node.

but this had no apparent effect: some tests still ran
using more than 4 processes, when I replaced <n> by 4.
How could I restrict these tests to run with maximum 4
processes, for example?

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