[mpich-discuss] execvp error on file comm2_spawn_child

Anne-Sophie Mouronval anne-sophie.mouronval at ecp.fr
Mon Jul 1 08:19:38 CDT 2013


I've just installed Mpich2 (using 3.0.4 sources) on my computer and 
every thing works fine.

Now, I have to work on MPI_Comm_spawn and I have some difficulties.

I've found a nice example that is provided with Mpich2 sources in
This example is based on 2 files : comm2_spawn_parent.c and 

I've compiled these two files but I have an error when I try to run this 
test :

$ mpiexec -np 2 ./comm2_spawn_parent
[proxy:1:0 at bambou] HYDU_create_process (./utils/launch/launch.c:75): 
execvp error on file comm2_spawn_child (No such file or directory)

However, "comm2_spawn_child" is present in the current directory.

Thus I've tried to use a "-path" option but it's not recognized :
$mpiexec -path mypath -np 2 ./comm2_spawn_parent
  match_arg (./utils/args/args.c:160): unrecognized argument path

I've looked for some documentation of this test but I haven't found 


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